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Red Rocket Couriers: 3 Bizarre Consignments - Part 2

Following on from part one earlier in the month, we have more bizarre tales to bring you about previous consignments of ours. We could go on forever about the peculiar requests we receive - however, we’ve chosen another three of our favourites for you to take a look at.

At Red Rocket Couriers, we’re committed to helping all of our customers - no matter the size of the job, or how “out there” the request is. We’ve worked on a wide range of jobs and projects from an array of industries - our incredible team have been thrown into plenty of situations and always come up with the most professional service and positive outcome.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into part two! Enjoy!

We’ll cover:

  • Time For a Brand New Luxury Watch

  • A Lost Homing Pigeon

  • Risky Whisky: A £45,000 Road Trip

  • Red Rocket Couriers: A Further Monthly Update

Time For a Brand New Luxury Watch

Professional footballers are renowned for their flashy lifestyles, aren’t they? Top of the range cars, incredible mansions and more watches and jewellery than you could ever imagine. However, you can never have too much, can you? Well, when working alongside a selection of the Manchester United squad we can vouch for just that.

We were required to collect four luxury Tag Heuer watches from Manchester United’s headquarters and deliver them to Old Trafford. Ironically, Manchester United’s headquarters is in London (insert joke here). Players and ambassadors get a new model each year - alright for some, right?

At Red Rocket Couriers, we’re used to dealing with expensive items and will always ensure that items are received in the desired condition. Also, we’re vastly experienced in working with professional sports teams - even for requests like this one!

A Lost Homing Pigeon

We know what you’re thinking… “How can a homing pigeon possibly get lost?”

Which, to be honest, is exactly what we were thinking when we received the call from the vets. We were called from Cardiff to come and collect the poor lost pigeon and return the bird safely back to Leeds. Whether or not the pigeon was planning a great escape or needs a bit more training, we’ll never know.

We love requests like this - they certainly keep us on our toes! Our expert team is fully trained and experienced in helping all kinds of scenarios and situations. When we say we can accommodate any request, we truly mean it - even homing pigeons that manage to escape to another country.

Risky Whisky: A £45,000 Road Trip

Not quite to everybody’s taste but it’s amazing the lengths that people will go to for a wee dram of whisky. Upon receiving a call from our customer in Park Royal, London, we were required to transport a £45,000 bottle of whisky back to the distillery up in the Isle of Skye. That’s quite the expensive drop, right?

The 40-year-old bottle of Torabhaig was a collector’s item but arrived with our customer with a faulty clasp - so it needed to be returned. For that price, the least you’d expect is pristine condition. After all, it’s more of a collector’s item and investment, rather than something to serve on the rocks with a twist.

When transporting something that expensive, it’s a wonder we weren’t doing 20MPH all the way up to the destination. However, the Red Rocket Couriers team are experienced in working with a wide array of load sizes and values. Plus, we were able to provide our customers with real-time updates for peace of mind that everything was going smoothly.

Red Rocket Couriers: A Further Monthly Update

We’ve already provided a monthly update for April - however, we’re not quite finished there. We’ve smashed records and succeeded in many areas this month. Therefore, it’s only right that we shout about it, right? We’re always up for a celebration - if only there was a £45,000 bottle of whiskey to toast our success (and drink responsibly, of course).

Our Super Sheffield Squad

Usually, when businesses become increasingly busier, standards and quality levels start to fall and dip. And it’s no different for our… hold that thought. Our Sheffield team continues to smash record numbers and constantly deliver the highest quality service there is. Their professionalism is admirable and they’re a credit to the business.

Thanks for all your hard work throughout April and keep leading the way in the Steel City.

Buzzing in Bristol

Are you looking for an ultra-reliable and timely courier in the Bristol area? If you are, stop looking. Our Bristol lot has taken over the city and is setting the bar high for what you can expect from a local courier. So, no more relying on huge firms that don’t care - you’ll only be disappointed.

Whether you need goods transporting 10 minutes down the road or the length of the country, you can rely on our Bristol team to get the job done. Again, we appreciate all your hard work and long hours - and long may it continue.

Leicester Crew Leading the Way

Big up our Leicester legends! One of our newest teams, we’ve rapidly expanded our number of drivers and teams in the local office. All new starters have dived straight in and haven’t looked back, which is a credit to themselves and the existing expert team members for their quality of training.

We’re looking forward to seeing what results we can achieve with this brilliant core unit. We couldn’t be prouder of the set-up that we have in Leicester and we’re only going to get stronger.

You Can Rely On Red Rocket Couriers!

We’ve had a lot of fun reflecting on some of our most challenging (and bizarre) consignments of ours. At Red Rocket Couriers, we love helping all of our customers - but like any line of work, if there’s an added bit of entertainment in there, it’s always welcomed by our team.

As a courier service, our team sets the standard for flexibility and adaptability. There’s no scenario or job that we aren’t willing to find (or capable of finding) the best solution for our customers. So, are you looking for a national courier for a one-off job? Or, are you looking for a long-term contract? We are always here to help.

For more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can rely on Red Rocket Couriers to get the job done the first time, every time. But don’t just take our word for it! We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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