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Red Rocket Couriers : Game, Set, Match

What another incredible summer we are having at Red Rocket Couriers. Let’s say we are more than happy for the invention of AC in vans for when that heatwave came. Our drivers have been burning from John O'Groats to Lands End delivering your packages right through the night.

This is a special blog post as we are avid sports fans in the Red Rocket office and during the course of the Spring & Summer, sport is at its peak. There is plenty to watch: Wimbledon, Football, British Open, Silverstone, the list goes on…

At Red Rocket couriers we were lucky enough to be part of many of the deliveries in these sporting events. Starting with Centre Court :

One of our clients required an urgent delivery to Wimbledon, so we sped out quicker than a ball boy to get the job done. It’s niche jobs like these that we love—being able to collect urgent jobs and deliver them on the same day to guarantee a happy customer.

We have also delivered to a wide variety of football clubs across the country. Some customers enquire about delivering to stadiums as there is a chance that their delivery may not be received by the club. At Red Rocket couriers we make sure that’s not the case. Our drivers are dedicated to delivering all our packages safely and efficiently. Guarantee contact with the club and make sure your package is received.

One of our drivers couldn’t resist taking a picture of one of his favourite jobs, him being a huge Lion’s fan.

In addition to our drivers delivering these sporting goods. We can’t go without thanking our partners at the courier exchange. The CX systems give us access to over 3,000 drivers and 15,000 different vehicles around the clock, allowing us to guarantee :

If you need a courier urgently, look no further than Red Rocket Couriers. Get a FREE QUOTE today or phone us on 0800 031 4381.

Our Managing Director Lee Gueller would also like to create a special mention for Natalie Doherty. Natalie sadly passed away on 8th May 2021 in an accident on the M66. Natalie was a friend and loved by many. This month Lee, took the opportunity to raise funds for Natalie and honour her with a bench in one of her favourite walking spots with her son: Calf Hey Reservoir in Haslingden.

Lee and Becks walked from Anfield to Old Trafford in honour of Natalie, walking 31.1 miles and raising £2400.

I also want to take this time to recognise Lee and how much he does for the people around him in both his personal life and business life. Lee goes above and beyond for family, friends and all his employees. I am personally lucky I get to work with him every week. Thank you Lee.

To book your next courier job visit today.

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