Temperature Controlled Goods

We understand how important it is that temperature-controlled goods are handled and transported with the correct care. Chilled and frozen foods are at risk of growing bacteria or going bad if not kept at the right temperature. Red Rocket Couriers have a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that are designed for the most efficient transportation of any food, medicines and other perishables. 


If items reached their destination and were in an unusable condition, it would be a wasted journey for all parties involved. So, we ensure that all our vehicles are constantly maintained to make sure that items are kept fresh and in perfect condition. You can be sure when transporting your temperature-controlled goods with Red Rocket Couriers that you’re working with the best possible business. 


Our drivers are vastly experienced and have received the relevant training that qualifies them to transport these kinds of goods. When working with us, you simply have to sit back and let us do the hard work and can rest assured that your items will arrive in pristine condition. 


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