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Red Rocket Couriers Wins Courier Company of the Year 2020!

2020 has been a year of doom and gloom and misery for most parts, right? Well, finally, we have something to get excited about and bring a smile to our faces.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been recognised as the Courier Company of the Year for 2020! This award has gratefully been awarded to us by our partners over at Courier Exchange and the Transport Exchange Group’s annual awards evening earlier in the month.

Of course, we’re not here to brag and rub our success in the face of those businesses who have, unfortunately, had to close down their operations. However, we’ve worked hard for our success and to be recognised for that is something we feel that’s worth shouting about, right?

It’s Amazing to be Recognised!

At Red Rocket Couriers, our incredible team never stops. That way, we can provide the highest possible standard for all of our customers. We go the extra mile so that our customers are totally satisfied, at ease and require no second thought to repeatedly use our services for all of their courier needs and requirements.

In a super competitive industry, it’s amazing to be recognised. Of course, we know how amazing we are and all of our drivers and team members are - it’s refreshing to see that the industry is starting to recognise it too.

The Courier Exchange community involves thousands of similar businesses to ours. This makes it even sweeter that we’re at the top of the pile. There are a lot of businesses killing it out there and providing an amazing service and receiving this award confirms that we’re amongst the very best in the industry.

What the Award Means to Us

Of course, everyone is going to bull up their own business, aren’t they? If you don’t believe that you’re going straight to the top and strive to be the best in the industry, you’re doing it all wrong in our opinion. We’re confident in our processes, service and ability as a company and this award confirms that we’re doing things right.

It’s nice to have the reassurance that your hard work is paying off. We’re constantly receiving amazing feedback from our customers, which is ace. However, being recognised by the industry that what you’re doing is making a difference, gives us that cutting edge on our competitors.

Now when people are looking for a reliable courier service, the award adds a great deal of credibility for our business. People are always wary when it comes to sending goods and posting their valuable items. However, if they notice that we’re recognised with an industry award, it automatically gives us a lot more credibility and improves our appeal.

Why We Feel We've Won the Award


Our team treats every consignment with an equal amount of respect and professionalism. Whether your load is an artic lorry full or a single document, it doesn’t matter to us. All that matters is that we collect the load in a timely manner, handle it correctly and professionally and ensure that it arrives in the desired condition.

Within professionalism is transparency. If businesses can’t be transparent with their customers, how can they trust them to carry out the job? At Red Rocket Couriers, transparency shines throughout our process. From our 60-minute collection window to long after the consignment has been carried out, you can count on us to be honest and open.


Efficiency runs through the core of everything that we do. We’re always time-efficient in everything that we do. Throughout the UK we promise a 60-minute collection window from the first moment of contact, that way, we can get your items on the road and en route to their destination as quickly as possible.

Not only are we time efficient but we always take the necessary environmental considerations to make sure that the correct method of delivery is carried out and the ideal route is taken. Otherwise, we’d be harming the environment and maximising chances of things interfering with your consignment.

You can be sure that we’re taking every precaution to improve efficiency.


At Red Rocket Couriers, our versatility is what separates us from the rest of the industry. Our wide fleet of vehicles allows us to carry out a vast array of different jobs. For example, we can fulfil jobs that require forgotten documents being delivered on a motorbike or at the other end of the scale, large lorry loads that need to go long distances. It all depends on what you need!

This versatility is what makes us so appealing. Whatever your request, we can accommodate it. Trust us, we’ve had plenty of obscure requests for courier jobs and we’ll happily carry them out. We aim to satisfy all of our customers and no job is too big, small or odd for our expert team. And that’s why we feel we’re the best and loved by our customers.

Red Rocket Couriers Can Help You!

We can’t tell you how proud we are to be recognised as the Courier Company of the Year for 2020. While things have been extremely uncertain and people have faced extreme adversity, it’s nice to know that our continuous giving back to the community and helping people in hardship has paid off. And that’s all we aim to do, help people who need it.

We’re so excited about receiving the award and can’t thank the Courier Exchange enough for the award. It’s the perfect appreciation and reward for all of our team’s hard work this year - it’s nice to know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed and is valued by the industry. We couldn’t be prouder about being recognised as one of the best in the industry.

So, with that in mind, if you have ANY courier needs that need tending to, we’re here to help. How would you like one the leading companies in the industry to carry out your consignment? You can put your full trust in us. So, for more information - please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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