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Look After Yourself During Lockdown - We’ve Got This!

Having come through the other side of Blue Monday earlier in the week, at Red Rocket Couriers, we’ve noticed that the general morale of everybody is a little flat. Sure, it’s January, the post-Christmas blues have well and truly kicked in, it’s cold and miserable outside and just to rub further salt in the wound, we’re in another lockdown - thanks, Bozza.

One thing that we’re conscious of during all this is the mental health and wellbeing of our customers - and the general public too. So, we’re here to shed a little light on how you can take the best care of yourself, your family and get through to the other side of these once again uncertain times.

We think it’s important that people aren’t putting too much pressure on themselves. It’s easy to get swallowed up on social media and sucked in by people self-gloating and appearing to be “smashing it.” If they are, go them! But we’re here to remind you that you only need to focus on yourself and your loved ones - not what everybody else is doing.

So, read on for some well-needed positivity, handy advice and tips to ease the pain of the current miserable times - we care about you and you should too! Let’s get into it.

Always Talk! There’s Plenty of Help Out There

We appreciate that the hardest thing to do when you’re feeling low is to open up and tell somebody how you’re really feeling. You feel as though you don’t want to be a burden, put a downer on things or that nobody wants to hear your problems. We appreciate that this is much easier said than done but you should never be too ashamed or afraid to talk.

While it’s the biggest hurdle to get over, it’s also the best one. At Red Rocket Couriers, we truly believe that a problem shared is a problem halved! Even though it’s nothing original and the will for people to talk is bandied around everywhere, it’s a message that we take incredibly seriously and urge everybody to take on board.

Nobody should struggle on their own. Our door is always open for anybody to get in touch and have a chat - and we mean that. It’s an area that’s close to our hearts and believe that everybody should have someone available to bend their ear. We know how overwhelming things can get, not to mention during unsettling times like these.

As well as ourselves, there are various amazing charities out there who are there whenever you need them. Whether at the end of the phone or on another computer screen, they’re available to talk about anything and everything. No problem is too small and all conversations are dealt with the same compassion and empathy.

Some of these are:

  • Samaritans - Call 116 123 to talk to a Samaritan who cares about your story.

  • CALM - Call 0800 58 58 58 - they’re open daily from 5pm.

  • SANE - Comfort and care all via text message - it couldn’t be easier!

Please look after yourselves at this difficult time. It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself and remember your best is more than enough!

Ways to Improve Mood and Mindset

While not all problems may be at a stage where you need to reach out, you can actually make yourself and others feel a lot better with a few simple tips and light lifestyle changes.

Exercise More

Currently, it’s dark and miserable outside - which is the ultimate demotivator, isn’t it? We understand the trouble of pulling yourself out of bed in the morning when it’s horrible outside. However, not all exercise has to be outdoors! Home workouts have massively risen to popularity during the past year and they’re ace.

They’re high intensity and are all-inclusive of ability levels. Therefore, anybody can join in! You can even get the kids involved to ensure that they’re staying fit and healthy too. Exercise is a great way to refresh the mind and soul and is a great way of boosting productivity levels and strengthening your mindset.

Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel is a great place to start for all things home workouts!

Improve Your Diet

It’s no secret that eating healthy, rich and nutritious foods is key to feeling good within yourself. If you’re constantly eating junk food, you’re going to start to feel sluggish and you’ll be depriving yourself of the key nutrients to improve your mood, alertness and fatigue levels. Eating well is good for your body and your mind too.

We’re not saying cut down on the takeaways full stop - we’re all partial to a little Saturday night treat, right? Well, that’s exactly what they should be! Keep them to a treat and something to look forward to because let’s face it, there’s not much else to pique your excitement at the minute, is there?

Plus, eating healthily allows you to explore new recipes, develop new skills and learn something new all at the same time! All three are important ways to uplift your mood and mindset during lockdown.

Supermarkets are doing their bit for those who aren’t capable of getting out or are worried about going to their store. Home deliveries are available by most and some are supporting local food banks - check in with your local supermarkets to see what support is available to you.

Family Time

I think we can all agree that a lot of family time has got us through the last year. While it’s important to focus on yourself, it’s also important for your loved ones to come together and make sure that everybody in your support bubble is all good too. We’ve found that going walking and getting outside is a great way to spend quality time with the family.

Plus, as we’re required to stay at home unless it’s for exercise purposes, it’s a good way to get all the family out for some well-needed fresh air. There’s nothing better than a nice long walk when it’s nice and fresh outside to clear your head and appreciate what you have around you.

If you’re unsure of walks around your area, the All Trails site and app for your smartphones is a great place to start.

Red Rocket Couriers Care About You!

At the moment, it can be difficult to be positive about a lot of things that are going on - and that’s ok. Everybody is in the same boat, aren’t they? But we’ll get through this together. At Red Rocket Couriers, it’s within our duty of care and throughout our core values to have our customer - and everyone’s - health and best wishes at the forefront of our mind.

We care about you! Without you, there’s no us! It’s as simple as that. And that’s why we’ve put this post together to pass on some of the factors that have helped us the most over the past 12 months. We hope that our advice and helpful tips can benefit your current lifestyle, we know what it’s like to struggle and that’s why we’re here for you.

We’re proving time and time again that we always have our customers’ best interests in mind. Recently, we’ve been providing a free service within the BB4 postcode to help the local residents who need of assistance. It's the least we can do to give back to our wonderful community.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re always here for anybody that is struggling! We hold this value dear to our hearts and urge anybody that needs a helping hand to get in touch with us. It’s important that we all look after one another through these difficult times - we’ve got this, and we’ll be through it all in no time!

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