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Red Rocket Couriers: COVID-19 Service Update

During the current global pandemic, couriers around the world are recognised as key workers. Whether it’s transporting emergency equipment to medical practices or delivering key documentation to private customers, the logistics industry has a large role to play so that people and businesses can carry on their everyday operations successfully.

The situation is changing daily, which means as an industry we have to be flexible and adaptable in our approach - and that’s exactly what Red Rocket Couriers are doing. This post will outline how we’re operating under the given circumstances and will outline the measures we’re taking to ensure our customers, team members and the general public’s health is always a priority whilst providing a top-class service.

We’ll cover:

  • Our Service Update

  • How We’re Adapting to Recommended Best Practices

Our Service Update

In recent developments, the Government has been advising people to stay indoors unless you need to leave the house for work and essential travel. Couriers have been identified on the list of key workers, so it’s no period of self-isolation for our team members.

Due to this, the service that we provide doesn’t change. We’re still available seven days a week for all of your same-day courier needs. It doesn’t matter about the size of your item either, we can guarantee it’ll be picked within an hour of your booking at the given address provided.

As you well know, there’s nothing we love more than going above and beyond for our customers and amidst this testing time, you’ll be reassured to know that nothing changes for us.

How We’re Adapting to Recommended Best Practices

As we’re still a public-facing role, our team members must take the right courses of action to stay aligned with social distancing recommendations. That’s why our couriers will keep at least 2 metres away when handing over your parcels. Not just this but hands will be cleaned and sanitised before the exchange of goods - and regularly throughout the day, of course.

Rather than paper receipts, electronic ones will be issued to minimise the risk of passing germs to one another. Handling documents and banknotes has been flagged up as one of the main ways of transmitting the virus. So, we’re prioritising the health of our team members and customers by not issuing hard copies.

We’re constantly monitoring our couriers for any developing symptoms and are taking these measures very seriously. If any of our team members are showing any symptoms, they’ll be sent home and advised to self-isolate inline with Government provided advice and best practices.

Get In Touch With Any Same-Day Courier Enquiries

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, we hope that all our customers are safe and well during this particularly difficult situation.

We’d like to reassure you all that our service has not been affected by the current situation and we’re operating within the recommended guidelines. So, if you need an item delivered to a location on the same day, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote and we’ll work together to find the perfect solution that suits you.

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