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A Year With Lockdown: What's Changed?

Can you believe it’s been 12 months since the UK was first put into lockdown? It’s scary how time flies - while not being able to do anything other than head out on long walks or binge watch Netflix has equally made it feel like a drag too. What was life before lockdown like again?

As restrictions are easing once again, there seems to be a promising light at the end of the tunnel, doesn’t there? Plus, now that the clocks have been brought forward and British Summer Time has officially begun, lighter mornings and nights are an instant mood lifter that will brighten anyone’s day.

In what’s been an indifferent year, we’re using this post as a chance for reflection. What’s changed? What’s the “new norm”? And what’s remained the same throughout? If the last year has solidified and highlighted anything though, it’s that you can always rely on Red Rocket Couriers to be there for you - both courier-related and our duty of care.

We’ll cover:

  • How the Various Lockdowns Have Affected the Courier Industry

  • How We’ve Thrived During Lockdown

  • What’s Changed? What’s the “New-Norm”?

  • What’s Remained the Same?

How the Various Lockdowns Have Affected the Courier Industry

As soon as the first lockdown struck, some industries were brought to their knees - think hospitality and leisure. However, we’re lucky that the courier industry plays a key part in the successful operation of the key sectors within the UK market. Therefore, if anything, the courier industry could expect busier periods than ever before.

Think about it, during the first lockdown, a trip to the supermarket was the only chance that people had to get out and about for an hour a week. Supermarkets up and down the country were busier than ever - with queues snaking around the huge car parks all day long, just for entry into the store.

So, to meet this demand, supermarkets needed to order as many products as possible and ramp up their delivery frequency. So, who benefits from that? Of course, the customers and store visitors but also the courier industry too. Without supermarkets, people wouldn’t be able to afford a weekly shop and feed their families - so supplying these efficiently is a huge priority.

Couriers have also played a huge part within healthcare and pharmaceuticals - especially aiding the COVID testing programme. Safely transporting vital equipment, test samples and other supplies plays a huge role in the whole testing programme being a success - without reliable couriers, it couldn’t go ahead and couldn’t run smoothly.

Asides from the critical roles that couriers have played in supporting other industries throughout the pandemic, we’ve also seen a HUGE boom in online shopping. Of course, people can’t go out and spend their money elsewhere, so they’ve reverted to online shopping - and all those parcels aren’t going to deliver themselves, are they?

Hands up, who’s guilty of being on a first-name basis with their local courier and delivery driver they’ve seen them that much over the last 12 months? We’d be lying if we said that we aren't.

How We’ve Thrived During Lockdown

Adapting and Meeting People’s Needs

Throughout lockdown, people’s needs have changed. For example, usually, we carry out a lot of airport runs for forgotten passports and documents. However, with holidays being cancelled for the last year, the number of these consignments has dramatically reduced. And that’s not all that’s changed either.

Quite simply, people need couriers for different things now. So, it’s down to our flexibility and adaptability that we’ve been able to continue to meet demand and delight all of our customers. As always, no matter what your consignment, however big or small, we’re here to help you out and ensure safe transportation of your goods.

Guaranteed Reliability

During lockdown, a lot of people lost faith in a lot of things - how long are we going to be in lockdown for? Confusion with restrictions and much more. However, one thing that could always restore somebody’s faith is guaranteed reliability - especially where promised deliveries are concerned.

There’s nothing worse than businesses who promise a certain delivery time and don’t meet it - why would they lie? Of course, accidents can happen and that’s understandable, but not when it happens every time. So, our same-day courier service can always be relied upon. If you need your items delivered quickly, that’s exactly what you get.

And not only quick delivery but quality too. All of our drivers treat each consignment with the same level of professionalism - no matter what it is.

What’s Changed? What’s the “New-Norm”?

As we mentioned, we’re lucky that within our industry things aren’t all too different from before lockdown. At the end of the day, people and businesses still need items delivering - so in some cases, not much has changed.

However, with the pandemic causing a lot of businesses to understandably tighten their purse strings, we’re seeing more one-off jobs rather than large contracts being put in place. And that’s absolutely fine - whatever you or your business needs, we’re here to cater for your individual requirements.

The main changes are the focused industries that we now carry out most of our work on. We’re extremely proud of how we’ve supported the healthcare industry in its rollout of COVID testing programmes across the UK. Supporting the incredible NHS is held dearly to our hearts and any way in which we can help out we will.

We’re also immensely proud of supporting the nation throughout the pandemic. Even if it is just parcel delivery, our couriers are there to have a quick chat and put smiles on the faces of the nation when they need it the most. We’re so grateful for our top team and the continued hard work that they continue to deliver every day.

What’s Remained the Same?

Top-Level Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. There’s no denying that without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. After all, without you we can’t provide a service, can we? We care about all of our customers and that’s why we’re so committed to providing an amazing level of customer service.

Whether it’s a friendly voice on the end of the phone to answer any questions or alleviate any worries or the use of the Courier Exchange app to receive real-time updates on your consignment, we do everything we can to ensure that you’re completely comfortable. Our expert team can provide solutions within minutes of first contact - that’s how we roll.

True Value for Money

With demand at a premium, we’ve seen too many businesses hiking up their prices when their service doesn’t command a premium price tag. However, at Red Rocket, we understand that the pandemic has delivered times of hardship on people and businesses. With that in mind, we always ensure within our service we provide true value for money.

The 60-minute collection window throughout the UK from first contact remains the same - nothing has changed there! How many other businesses can offer that? Not many. So, your items can be well on their way within an hour of arranging collection, there’s not much better value for money than that, is there?

And it’s not just speed that we prioritise either - quality, care and professionalism. We understand that sending items can be daunting, especially if they’re valuable. Which is why we prioritise real-time updates and accurate tracking, that way, you can provide a pinpointed arrival time and ensure the delivery successfully reaches its destination.

Red Rocket Couriers Can Help You!

While things have been a little uncertain throughout the different lockdowns - one thing that you can always rely on is us! We’re here to help you - no matter what the consignment is. At Red Rocket, we’ve worked hard to establish a reliable and industry-leading reputation - and we uphold that in everything we do.

So, no matter your needs, our expert team will meet those requirements and recommend the best solutions for your consignment. So, if you’re looking for a courier to help you out - look no further! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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