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5 Crucial Factors to Finding the Perfect Courier For You

When people are looking for the perfect courier service for their consignments, they’re often blinded by price. While on the surface it may seem like you’re getting great value for money, we urge you not to put too much onus on price consideration. There’s much more to it than that - and that’s what we’re here to show you.

Typically, if something seems too good to be true, it generally is. Sorry to disappoint. Incredibly cheap price points can, unfortunately, reflect cheap service. On the contrary, that doesn’t mean that expensive prices always mean premium service. This grey area shows that there’s much more to consider when choosing the perfect courier for you.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the deciding factors to find the ideal courier to meet your individual needs and requirements - we’ve got you covered. From company reputation to service flexibility - and everything in between - we discuss it all in this post. Let’s get into it!

We’ll cover:

  • Positive Company Reputation

  • Vast Experience With Similar Jobs

  • Timely Collection Windows

  • Service Flexibility

  • Pricing

Positive Company Reputation

Quite simply, couriers don’t obtain a bad reputation without having done something to earn that label, do they? As the old saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire - and it couldn’t be any more relevant in this sense. Bad reputations are incredibly hard to turn around, especially as couriers need to gain the utmost trust with their customers.

For example, we’re all probably guilty of rolling our eyes when we see that our parcels are being delivered by Hermes, right? They’re a huge, first-class firm that is great at what they do - however, through the actions of some of their drivers being a little careless, it always puts that doubt in your mind.

So, when choosing the right courier for your job, you should always consider company reputation. Just like a bad reputation, a good name for yourself has to be earned. So, if there’s plenty of positivity around a courier business, it means that they’re doing a lot of things right and ticking a lot of boxes.

We see it all too often by which people side with businesses with a poor reputation and are then surprised when there are issues with their consignments. No delivery should be left to chance - always side with the businesses that have positive reputations.

Vast Experience With Similar Jobs

Who would you trust more with your consignment - a business that has carried out thousands of similar ones? Or, somebody that has never handled goods like yours? With no disrespect to the latter, they could be just starting out and making a name for themselves. However, it’s easier to opt for experienced companies, isn’t it?

When sending goods, you want to make sure that they arrive in the ideal condition and in a timely manner. If a business has experience in successfully delivering items like yours time and time again, it can ease one of the main headaches that customers face. You remove a huge element of worry when sending items with experienced couriers.

If a business is experienced with goods like yours, they’re more likely to be in the know on best practices of how to handle them. Therefore, chances of error and avoidable mistakes can be removed from the question. Whereas, inexperienced handlers could result in damaging your parcel in transit if they’re not savvy.

At Red Rocket Couriers, we’re incredibly experienced in lending a hand to a variety of industries. That means that our expert team is comfortable in working with a wide range of goods and items. We treat all consignments with the same professionalism and duty of care, so you can be sure that all goods will arrive in the condition they’re collected in.

Timely Collection Windows

One of the most important factors of successful delivery is the time that it takes to reach its destination. Of course, speed of delivery is irrelevant if the parcel arrives damaged or not fit for purpose - customers demand speed, however, with no compromise on quality levels whatsoever.

A leading courier service will offer timely collection windows. Your consignment should be a priority to them, therefore, businesses should agree on a collection window that works for both parties and isn’t way in the future. That’s not good service, is it? As a customer, you want your goods travelling to their end destination as soon as they can be, don’t you?

If your items aren’t being prioritised, it could indicate that the courier company doesn’t care about your custom. At Red Rocket Couriers, you needn’t worry about this ever being the case. Our express delivery service means that we can guarantee a 60-minute collection window from the moment of the first contact.

And that’s not limited to location either - that’s anywhere in the UK. Therefore, you can be confident that your items will be safely on the road within an hour of initial conversations - not many companies can promise that - and most importantly, deliver on it too!

Service Flexibility

No two courier jobs are the same - FACT. So, how can businesses expect to use the same service for each job? Quite simply, it doesn’t work like that. When considering using a courier company for the transportation of your goods, you should note how accommodating and understanding they are of your unique needs and requirements.

Couriers always need to be flexible in their approach. They should recommend the ideal routes, most efficient fleet type and other key considerations that suit the requested job the best. Otherwise, you could be paying more than what the service is worth - plus, not receiving the optimum service when sending goods.

Also, they should be flexible in their approach to ensure that any worries are alleviated. For example, the use of real-time updates and tracking to ease your mind, that way, you know exactly where your goods are at any given time. Plus, you can provide the recipient with a pinpointed ETA for delivery.

tracking parcels red rocket courier service

Couriers need to pivot to the needs of their customers, otherwise, who’s going to use them? If they’re not willing to budge, you need to look elsewhere. At Red Rocket, our customers are incredibly important to us - therefore, we do everything that we can to make sure they’re at ease and they’re getting true value for money.

It really is that straightforward - should you request it, our expert team will try and meet it with our top-level service offering.


As we mentioned earlier, a lot of people are blindsided by the price of courier services. Sure, nobody wants to overpay for their courier job to be carried out. However, pricing isn’t the be-all and end-all of a job. Of course, budget always enters into considerations, but it shouldn’t be the main pivoting point of a decision.

Rather than looking for the cheapest possible price, you should be looking for true value for money. Cheap prices could warrant a cheap service. Whereas, if the courier company is showing true value for money with the service that they’re providing, you’ll be more than happy to pay a fair price.

So, rather than jumping straight in once the price point is mentioned, be sure to ask them questions so that you can gauge what you’re really getting for your money. How quick is the delivery? Can you accurately track your parcel? What fleet type will be carrying out the consignment?

At Red Rocket Couriers, we work closely with our customers to ensure that a fair price is always met for the job at hand. Unfortunately, some businesses within the industry are purely in it to line their pockets - however, that’s where we’re different. You can instil full trust in us to reach an agreed price point that’s exceptional value for money.

At Red Rocket Couriers, We Can Help!

So, now that you’re well aware of the factors to consider when choosing the right courier for the job at hand, you needn’t look any further. We’re confident that we can back up everything that we’ve just discussed and are certain that we can help anybody with their delivery needs - a big sweeping statement, we know but that’s how confident we are.

We’ve worked alongside many people and businesses within all industry types. We’re vastly experienced and know what it takes to get the job done. Our customers are at the centre of everything that we do - without you, there’s no us! So, to see how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our amazing team.

Our experts will work alongside you to provide the best solution for all your needs and requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and see exactly how we can help!

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