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A HUGE Thank You For 2021 From All At Red Rocket Couriers

2021 was another tough year for many people and businesses. At Red Rocket Couriers, we were extremely lucky to excel and succeed once again this year - and we have plenty of people to thank for just that.

Overall, it’s been an incredibly successful year for us at Red Rocket. From moving into a new state of the art office space to providing a timely and professional service despite some of the largest industry hurdles we’ve seen - we’ve been busy. But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, this post will talk through some of the key points in 2021 - and will extend our thanks to our many customers and our incredible team. This year wouldn’t have been as successful without either - and we couldn’t be more grateful. Let’s get into it!

We’ll cover:

  • 2021: How Things Panned Out

  • What We’ve Learned This Year

  • A HUGE Thank You to All of Our Customers

  • A Shout Out to All of Our Incredible Team

2021: How Things Panned Out

The Continuing Pandemic

The start of 2021 saw the UK in another lockdown - which was a testing time for many people and businesses. These restrictions didn’t begin to ease for months - and then the UK started to resume some kind of normality. For example, meals out at restaurants and drinks with friends in the pub.

As COVID cases have been rising and falling all year long, there’s been no certainty of which direction we’re heading. “Fortunately”, the logistics and courier industry has hugely benefited from the amount of online shopping during the pandemic - a very slight silver lining for us in all of this.

HGV Driver Shortage

The HGV driver shortage threatened to bring our industry to its knees over the summer months. Incredibly limited resources threatened the reputation of many businesses and forced severely delayed or cancelled orders. Retail stores, supermarkets and petrol stations were amongst those most affected.

Thankfully, Red Rocket Couriers were able to adapt to the driver shortage and continue to excel in the industry. Our team of dedicated drivers were always on hand to tend to any consignment - and our customers could guarantee the utmost professional service and flexibility to meet their needs and requirements.

Christmas Supply Chain Issues

Christmas is easily the most demanding time of the year for the courier industry - let alone when the UK is facing a delivery driver shortage. Many people were worried that we’d face a supply chain issue that’d leave their loved ones without gifts on Christmas Day - however, it turned out that there was nothing to worry about.

As far as we were concerned - nothing changed! We helped all of our customers successfully send presents across the country with no issue at all. Meaning that the most wonderful time of the year was exactly that! It’s the least that everyone has deserved after a tough couple of years.

What We’ve Learned This Year


As mentioned above, throughout 2021 there were a lot of hurdles put in the way of our industry. However, our professional team managed to overcome all of them. As usual, no job was too small and all were treated with the same respect. Our success throughout 2021 is a testament to our overall resilience.

Acknowledging our success, we’re proud to announce that we’ve won yet another award - Result! proudly recognised us as the best courier company in Greater Manchester. Without the resilience and determination of our skilled team and the trust of our amazing customers, we couldn’t have achieved this.


The industry came under immense pressure over the past year - which means that businesses have had to adapt to constant changes in restrictions and the many different pressures that came with them too. As a courier business, you need to be flexible to successfully meet your customer needs with each consignment.

Despite the restrictions and limitations on the industry, we constantly proved Red Rocket Couriers are totally flexible. From timely collections and same-day delivery to long-standing contracts with regular customers, our team is always capable of meeting the demands of a variety of consignments and finding the perfect solution for you.

Professional Duty of Care

Our customers mean the world to us - let’s face it, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. They instil their trust in us to safely transport their goods to their desired destination in the condition that we collect them in - and with our professional duty of care, we very rarely fail.

This year hasn’t been easy for many - and throughout the year we’ve recognised that. At times, our delivery drivers are the only faces that some people might have seen that day. Our drivers are always there to help with a smile on their faces - helping brighten up those hard days for our customers.

A HUGE Thank You to All of Our Customers

Firstly, we’d like to thank every new and returning customer that has chosen us in 2021 - we’re always grateful for your loyalty. We’ve worked with a wide range of customers throughout the year - ranging from small to large jobs. And like always, we treat each one with the same level of professionalism.

We’re glad that we could help, while a lot of others in the industry couldn’t meet your needs and requirements. And long may it continue into 2022! We’ll continue to grow and excel throughout the year - and we can’t wait to have you on the journey with us. We look forward to doing it all again with you - and more!

A Shout Out to All of Our Incredible Team

Just as we’d be nothing without our customers - we wouldn’t be anywhere without our team. The dedication and commitment of our drivers and head office staff are second to none and highlights exactly why we’ve continued to grow and succeed year on year. Nothing is ever too much and everything that’s thrown at our team, we deal with and overcome. BOOM.

Growth is massively important to us at Red Rocket Couriers - if we’re not growing year on year, we’re standing still while everyone catches us up - and that’s the last thing that we want. Our team is a major part of our growth and we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings - a HUGE shout out to all of Team Red Rocket.

Here’s to 2022 - Best Wishes to All!

As this year draws to a close, we’ve enjoyed the chance to reflect on the hurdles we’ve overcome and areas we’ve succeeded in. But most of all, we’re incredibly excited for the year to come! We’re looking forward to seeing new faces use our services - and all those friendly faces we’ve become accustomed to down the years.

It may be a new year, but you won’t find us changing all of a sudden! You can expect more of the same values that have gotten us to where we are today. Determination, flexibility, dedication and more - to name a few. Once again, we’d like to lend our thanks to all of our customers and our team for their efforts - we couldn’t have done it without you.

Lastly, we wish you all the best for the New Year and are looking forward to hearing from you very shortly to help meet all of your needs and requirements. Best wishes to all.

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