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Are We Facing a Christmas Supply Chain Crisis?

Due to the ongoing HGV crisis, many people are worried that Christmas is going to be affected. Online shopping becomes increasingly more popular each year due to the convenience of avoiding unbearably busy shops. However, some may shy away from shopping online this year due to worrying that deliveries won’t arrive on time.

So, are we facing a Christmas crisis? Or, can buyers rest assured that deliveries will arrive on time and your families and friends will have gifts under the tree on Christmas morning? In this post, we explore everything you need to know about the current status of the HGV crisis.

Plus, what changes are being put in place to ensure that Christmas isn’t badly hampered by the crisis and how Red Rocket Couriers can help with all of your important consignments.

We’ll cover:

  • The HGV Crisis: A Recap

  • Will Christmas be Affected?

  • What Actions Are Being Taken to Minimise the Impact?

  • How Red Rocket Couriers Can Help You

The HGV Crisis: A Recap

The HGV driver shortage has been going on for months - but are things getting any better? Earlier in the year, it was announced that the UK is experiencing delays and issues due to being 100,000 HGV drivers short to fulfil all demand. This has affected a lot of industries - from retail to food and drink (and everything in between).

Severely delayed and cancelled orders have left businesses without products. For example, supermarkets have seen reduced stock over the last few months due to fewer possible deliveries. This has a knock-on effect and means that some people aren’t able to carry out their weekly shop properly and provide for their families.

Not only are shoppers affected but the businesses themselves too. If you can’t get your intended products in one place, you’re going to look elsewhere, aren’t you? With that in mind, businesses are losing out to competition and their overall revenue and profitability will likely have taken a hit.

Before the crisis, a lot of businesses used next-day delivery as a key selling point. For example, if you ordered before midnight, ASOS promised to deliver your products the next day. It was this efficiency that turned a lot of customers into loyal brand advocates - valuable regular custom for the business.

Due to the crisis, businesses have had to adapt - naturally. Meaning that some aren’t capable of providing the level of service that their customers had become accustomed to. This could potentially deter buyers and make them look elsewhere when choosing where to shop.

Will Christmas be Affected?

As Christmas looms, shoppers are worried that the festive season will be hampered by reduced service, delivery delays and cancellations. Christmas shopping can be stressful enough, without having to worry whether your orders will actually arrive on time. Without the right action, Christmas could easily be hampered.

Other supply chains have been hampered during the crisis - for example, the fuel crisis. Lasting a few weeks, motorists around the UK were left stranded without fuel and saw petrol stations frantically closing. Due to the panic buying nature of the UK, we saw huge queues, increased traffic and excessive buying habits.

The fuel shortage was directly linked to the HGV driver shortage. Without enough drivers, fuel companies couldn’t adequately stock their contracted petrol stations - leaving them with a minimum supply or none at all. Without the right actions, that could easily be substituted for something vital for enjoying the festive season, couldn’t it?

What Actions Are Being Taken to Minimise the Impact?

Amid pressure from retailers and logistics firms, the Government is granting temporary visas in a bid to attract foreign HGV drivers to the country. With more drivers being welcomed into the UK, we can expect to see more lorries on the road and more deliveries and consignments fulfilled - a resolution to many supply chain issues.

Alongside temporary visas, they’re also allowing visa changes - that way, we can welcome over 4000 HGV drivers and over 5000 poultry workers and butchers. Therefore, you needn’t worry about not having turkey or pigs and blankets on Christmas Day - with the additional help and support, businesses will be able to operate near-maximum capacity to fulfil orders and demand. Perfect.

The additional support is granted for transporting food - so, large retailers, small independents and customers will all be happy. These changes have been introduced up until Christmas Eve and are a temporary fix for the wider problem that we’ve faced over the past few months.

HGV licenses are now quicker and easier to obtain than ever before. Quite often, the educational process would put people off the opportunity, however, now the journey has been streamlined, it’s thought to be more attractive to get more drivers on the road.

How Red Rocket Couriers Can Help You

It’s natural to still be sceptical as to whether things will be sorted in time for Christmas. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and people aren’t willing to take chances on anything that might jeopardise that. Therefore, you should choose to work alongside a courier that you can trust.

Whether you’re a customer or a business, by choosing a reliable courier company that cares, you can guarantee that your parcels will be with you in time for the big day. Or, if you’re sending your parcels throughout the UK, you can be confident that they’ll get there promptly - and in perfect condition too.

Individual Customers

Sending parcels and items doesn’t have to be stressful - believe us. We appreciate that people spend their hard-earned money on gifts and items, so they want to be sure that they’ll reach their destination in the desired condition. At Red Rocket Couriers, you can guarantee that, plus, you can track your delivery right to the door of their end destination.

With real-time updates, you can keep the recipient in the loop with an exact ETA and provide any delay notices too. All of our drivers are experienced in handling all consignments and items with the utmost professionalism and care - you can rely on Red Rocket Couriers this Christmas.


For businesses, worrying about stocking your shelves throughout the supply chain issues is worrying - especially in a lucrative time of the year like Christmas. So, by choosing a flexible courier business that's experienced in working with a wide range of industries and item types, you can have the peace of mind that your business will operate smoothly throughout the festive period.

By ensuring the smooth operation of your business, you can maximise your overall success. And that can be done by working with a courier business that you can instil your full trust in. Our large fleet of vehicles and expert team are well suited to a wide array of scenarios - we can help you succeed. FACT.

Find Out More About How We Can Help You Today!

At Red Rocket Couriers, we’re committed to helping people with consignments of all sizes - no job is too small. To make your Christmas enjoyable for yourselves and your loved ones or to ensure the smooth operation of your business, you need to partner with the right courier business for you. And look no further!

To find out more about how we can help you - please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you’re looking for assistance on a one-off delivery or a long-standing contract, our team is here to help meet your needs and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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