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Red Rocket Couriers: Production Company Courier Specialists

With the amount of equipment and various necessary locations, the demand for couriers for production companies is constantly growing. But not just any couriers, of course. With expensive equipment, tight deadlines and sheer importance within a variety of industries, production companies need world-class couriers.

So, what makes a top production company courier? In this post, we’ll cover how couriers can help, the importance of reliability and provide tips on how to choose the perfect one to partner with.

We’ll cover:

  • How Red Rocket Couriers Can Help Production Companies

  • The Importance of Reliability For Production Company Couriers

  • How to Choose the Perfect Production Company Courier

  • Red Rocket Couriers: Our May Business Update

How Red Rocket Couriers Can Help Production Companies

Production companies operate over a wide range of industries. From TV and film to music and arts, production companies are influential and partially responsible for the success of businesses within their respective fields. Their prime goal is to produce content for an array of mediums.

So, why will they need courier businesses? And how can Red Rocket Couriers help them? Firstly, to produce an incredible piece of video, film or music (and more) content, you need a lot of specialist equipment. Usually, these are fixated in one location - however, a lot of equipment may need transporting around to different locations and sets.

And that’s where we come in! To make sure that your equipment reaches its desired location - and in its desired condition - our team at Red Rocket Couriers are vastly experienced in working with many popular production companies. Of course, we welcome jobs of all sizes and have worked with local and multinational businesses alike.

Quite often, the equipment needed to produce world-class results is very expensive - therefore, it’s important that production companies can instil their full trust in a courier that will get the job done perfectly. Our expert team is well trained to ensure that all equipment arrives on time and can be easily prepared by your team straight from our vehicle - plus, we’re well versed in reliable handling of expensive equipment.

The Importance of Reliability For Production Company


When dealing with such important and expensive equipment, you need to ensure that you can reliably trust your courier of choice. Otherwise, you may find damaged equipment at the destination that could have an impactful knock-on effect on the timeline of your latest project. No to mention the financial repercussions of having to replace the equipment too.

With a reliable courier, you can be sure that your equipment will be transported several times and not experience any lasting damage. From loading vehicles to moving and handling, you need to be sure that your choice of courier is well experienced and trained in carrying out consignments such as yours - otherwise, you may end up extremely disappointed.

Within a lot of industries that production companies feature heavily in, time is money. Therefore, if you choose an unreliable courier, all equipment may be delivered late and behind schedule. So, not only will you be wasting time waiting for your equipment to arrive on set, you’ll be losing production time too.

Reliable couriers ensure that all jobs are carried out professionally and promptly. Plus, tracking will likely be available so that accurate ETA’s can be shared and both parties have access to any real-time updates. For example, they can account for any unplanned interruptions.

The importance of a reliable courier for production companies is huge - it’s a vital part of the success of the end product. Whatever industry they work closely with - FACT.

How to Choose the Perfect Production Company Courier


Like any business, a courier’s reputation is vitally important. When choosing the right business to partner with, their reputation allows you to make a first impression of what to expect from their service. The better impression that they make, the more likely you are to partner with them and receive top-quality service.

Using their reviews and website testimonials is a good way to scope out whether they’re the right production company courier for you. This will allow you to see whether they’ve worked on previous jobs similar to yours and have experience handling similar product types and loads.

It’ll also allow you to see positive and negative experiences other customers have had - imperative for having the ability to put your full trust in a courier.

Flexibility and Adaptability

A good courier is both flexible and adaptable to various situations. Whether it’s the collection or drop off time, long-standing contract terms or preferred routes, the best couriers always put the customer at the centre of every decision and find the right solutions to each problem and query.

Couriers can’t afford to be too rigid - after all, there’s plenty of competition out there that customers will simply choose if they’re not willing to adapt to meet their needs and requirements. Going above and beyond for the customer shouldn’t be a bonus in this industry, it should be the norm - well, it is for Red Rocket Couriers anyway.

If courier businesses can’t adapt to the constantly evolving industry, they’re going to be left behind - and quickly too. The best in the business have no problem doing so - and that’s why they stand out from the rest.


When making any decision, budget always plays a key part - however, we urge you not to put too much onus on the price of the service. If something seems ridiculously cheap and too good to be true, the likelihood is that it is. Incredibly cheap price points can reflect cheap service - therefore, while you think you’re getting great value, it may not be worth it in the long run.

That’s not to say that the most expensive service is always world-class. We’re well aware of businesses trying to line their pockets and make quick money while offering lacklustre and poor service. Premium price points don’t always reflect premium service.

Instead, use your budget wisely and find an experienced, flexible and reliable courier that’s well within your means and that’s successfully worked on consignments like yours previously.

Red Rocket Couriers: Our May Business Update

It’s company update time once again! At Red Rocket Couriers, we’re incredibly proud of what our team achieves on a day to day basis. And after growing further in May, we’re excited to share our latest update with you. Let’s get into it!

Congrats to Our Classy Coventry Crew

Having had one of their busiest months, nothing phases our Coventry lot. Despite high-pressured demand, they’ve continued to work tirelessly and dealt with a record number of consignments like the professionals they are.

An impressive (and well-needed) cool hand in the courier industry - keep smashing it team and thank you for all your hard work and efforts, as always!

Big Up Our Beloved Toon Army

Newcastle (and the north-east) is one of our busiest areas in the country - and May has been no different. Our well-established team constantly churn out job after job with ease and are a great advert for our wider company core values.

You can always count on our Geordies! Ever-reliable, flexible and professional - what more do you need? Another amazing performance this month - however, it’s quickly become the norm for these guys. A credit to Red Rocket Couriers and themselves.

Rest Assured With the Reading Team

One of our newest teams, our Reading lot, had its busiest month to date in May. And did it phase or affect them? No chance. Supreme confidence and exceptional service throughout the month have helped them smash their previous most successful month.

Keep doing what you’re doing guys - extremely proud and a vital part of our wider team.

Choose Red Rocket Couriers Today!

Now that you know how important reliability is for a production company courier and how to choose the right one, are you ready to take the plunge? Or, do you need a little more information? Either is fine - and at Red Rocket Couriers we’re here to help.

Our expert team are always on hand to answer all questions and queries, plus, alleviate any pre-consignment worries that you may have. By choosing Red Rocket Couriers, you’re choosing reliability, experience, flexibility, innovation and more. You can be sure that we can be trusted to get the job done first time, every time.

So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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